In a move to keep up with current technology trends the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) in partnership with Accoleisure (Private) Limited, will this afternoon launch a tourism services mobile phone application. The technology gateway product will be known as Accoleisure and is available on both Android and IOS operating softwares.

Accoleisure (Accommodation and Leisure) is a mobile and internet application that provides convenient access to services for tourists, both leisure and business. It will also help users identify, locate, view tourism services and products and be able to book and make payments. It is also possible to make online visa applications as the application will provide immigration services support (in Zimbabwe) via e-visa platforms. It provides unlimited access to accommodation facilities, recreational facilities, resorts, sports, arts and culture activities as well as events, food and beverage and other shopping outlets. It has a special feature that provides access to emergency services for Sub-Saharan African tourist destination countries.

The application adds value to the tourism & hospitality, recreation and sport industries. It does this through bringing the full value chains to the palms of producers or service providers and consumers.

The ZTA will host the launch event at a local hotel and it will be officiated by the Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon. Priscah Mupfumira, who was elated about this development.

“We need to move with the times if we are to attract more and quality tourists in the country.  Remember most of these tourists come from highly developed countries where business is virtually done in the comfort of their homes, so this is a major milestone in our tourism industry and hope it will help us achieve our goals.“ she enthused.

The application can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The platform is user friendly and no roaming charges are needed all the time.  Once you download the application, what is only left is to navigate and find the information you need.  It also gives one plenty of useful information and keeps tourists updated on the current and upcoming events such as musical shows, sporting activities, film and theatre.

The application also provides full contact details of Zimbabwe’s registered tourism operators or service providers such as hotels, lodges, resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, transport and tour operators as well as car hire etc. This is very useful to tourists as they are assured to deal with authentic operators.

ZTA’s Acting Chief Executive, Mr Givemore Chidzidzi, also weighed in and said “Accoleisure has come at a time when the emphasis on business is to go digital.  The greater part of business is now being conducted digitally or electronically, hence as tourism we should be keeping up with such trends. We therefore hope not only to catch most of our potential tourists on this platform but also disseminate valuable information to them.”


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