Welcome to #ZimBho! A celebration of the goodness of our rich and diverse tourism offering, embracing the beauty of our Zimbabwe, iZimYami! Indulge yourself in that travel adventure, a quiet getaway, or a fun business trip, or that luxurious vacation and even that budget road trip! It’s #ZimBho, there is something for everyone! And you don’t always have to be away for long on vacation, it can just be a day trip, all you you’ve got to do is #vakatsha!

Our short story
“ZimBho” is motivated by the street lingo “Bho”, a slang word casually used in everyday language, meaning “good” or showing common understanding. Celebrating the different offerings in our tourism together makes us as Zimbabweans have that common agreement that because of its rich and diverse tourism offerings Zimbabwe is “Bho”, #ZimBho. and should be explored i.e. #vakatsha. “Bho” has evolved from just being “Bho” to “Bho zvekuti” meaning very good, and the latest being “Bholato” which again is a slang way of saying very good. ZimBho also resonates with one saying I am Zimbabwean – I am Zimbo – I am ZimBho, we connect with our motherland in a special way and we pride in it, #iZimYami! And we will explore #vakatsha!

Catch a glimpse of just how Zim is Bho !

Travel Tips for your  Zimbho Adventure !

Make sure you pack your vaccination card as these will be required to enjoy some tourism products and services such as restaurant sit in, this is a requirement under the current level 2 lockdown.

As well as travelling solo it’s also nice to travel with friends. You’ll be able to work together to plan the trip, look out for each other on nights out, and create fantastic memories together. What’s important when planning a group trip with friends is to think about everyone in the group to make sure no one is left out or unhappy and to compromise where necessary

Once you have your trip planned and booked then share your itinerary with your friends and family.  This will enable them to have a rough idea of where you are at any given time even when phone goes off and you are unreachable.

Having a daily plan means you will be more organised in the way you spend your time. However, it is also important to have a little bit of flexibility so that you can do some adhoc activities which you might not have planned for. While on your trip time is precious and you need to spend it wisely.

Traveling light is always a good idea when using public transport. You are not burdened by heavy bags which might journey not enjoyable especially where you have to change buses enroute to your destination.

While traveling you might need medical attention. Although in Zimbabwe most medical aid companies use online systems it is always good to carry a physical card just in case the town you are traveling to might face connectivity challenges.

Flights can and are often delayed. This often happens for various reasons which can often be out of the airline’s control. To anticipate any delays make sure you give yourself some flexibility around your arrival time and onward journey. Such as booking a flight that lands at 10pm may get delayed by a few hours meaning you miss the last train you intended to get.

Reviews are very helpful and important when travelling. They allow you to make an informed decision on accommodation and services you may be considering for your holiday. Sites such as Booking.com and Trip Advisor have customer reviews which you can generally trust.

Many popular destinations can get a bit crowded, especially during peak season. But you can often still enjoy a less crowded visit to an attraction if you make an early start to your day.

Tourism Service providers sometimes publicise special rates, discounted rates or packages. Specials and discounted rates can help you do more when you have a limited budget.