Tourism Month

Welcome to September, the Tourism Month where you should experience all things tourism! Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world in celebrating the World Tourism Day on the 27th of September 2021. Zimbabwe has designated the month of September as the Tourism Month. This year’s theme is Tourism for Inclusive Growth, celebrating tourism’s ability to drive inclusive development and the role it plays in generating economic opportunities for millions across the globe. This week we share how the promotion of Zimbabwe’s diverse tourism offering promotes both tourism growth and inclusivity. DID YOU KNOW that the ZimBho Domestic Tourism Campaign is one such initiative that seeks to create a sense of ownership and pride in being a citizen of a tourism richly endowed country? It nurtures local travel as a lifestyle, inspires active participation of youth in tourism and supports the establishment and the growth of local tourism business ventures.
We encourage all citizens to be part of Zim tourism growth during the month of tourism, come aboard the ZimBho Domestic Tourism Campaign and proudly share your own local tourism ventures!

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