The Limpopo River

Did you know that the Limpopo River is the second largest River in Africa that drains into the Indian Ocean after the Zambezi River? The river is approximately 1,750 kilometres long, spanning from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Of interest is the Crooks Corner which forms in a small triangle of land where three countries meet. The corner is a world of fat baobabs, yellow-barked fever trees and rivers bursting with hippos and crocs as big as dinosaurs Along this river also lies the Alfred Beit Road Bridge build in 1929 linking Zimbabwe and South Africa. The vast waters of the Limpopo provide irrigation water to the Nottingham Orange estates where one can enjoy an agricultural tour of the citrus fruits and packaging at the factory. Just nearby you can get to view large herds of elephant feeding on the citrus pulp.

When travel resumes, make the Limpopo river and its environments on your travel bucket list.

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