Sanyati River

The Sanyati also known as the Umniati River, is a river one of the major rivers in Zimbabwe with its source in Chivhu. It flows approximately 500km north-west into Lake Kariba at the section of the Zambezi between the Kariba Dam and the Batoka Gorge, making it part of the Zambezi Basin. Along the Sanyati River are the Gandavaroyi Falls which forms the biggest drop on the river. The local people named the waterfalls after the picturesque practice they had of throwing reputed witches over the waterfall.

Activities available at along the river includes animal trekking, bush walks, fishing, bird watching and game viewing and photographic safari.

When travel resumes, we encourage all Zimbabweans to explore the Sanyati River and other places of interest.

Let’s all be responsible travellers.

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