Santa Barbara Chapel in Kariba

Visit Kariba during this Easter holiday and see the little Chapel of Santa Barbara which is situated at the top of the hill known as Kariba Heights and has a modern, open-air design very appropriate to the hot Kariba climate and a simple classical style typical of Italian Catholic churches including stained glass windows and marble statues.  Santa Barbara is the patron saint of miners and builders of dams, so she was a very appropriate Saint for the Chapel which was built in the shape of a coffer dam and commemorates the lives of the eighty-six workmen who lost their lives in the construction of the Kariba dam and power station; their names are engraved on a marble plaque.

A bell tower at the back of the church still contains the original bell constructed by hand by Italian workers at the time and hoisted into place with a crane.On top of this exquisite chapel enjoy a wide variety of activities which Kariba has to offer which includes game drive, boat cruise, fishing, visiting the crocodile farm and many others. Do not miss out this Easter visit Kariba and have fun.

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