Road Travel Tips

There’s no better way, to explore the wonders of Zimbabwe than a road trip. Road trips are fun, adventurous and create loads of memories for you to cherish for the rest of your life. Planning a road trip can be a huge task, as it requires you to look at all aspects of the trip. As we plan our road trips, here are a few tips to make it epic.

• Research widely about your destination including the weather conditions and what to pack.
• Select accommodation, attractions, and activities you want to do, advance planning is essential for better bargains
• Make your bookings and negotiate rates
• Travel as a group and make it cheaper and fun
• Create your playlist.
• Check your tyres, oil and water
• Invest in a cooler box for your water and drinks
• Make stop overs at laybys, stretch and relax taking pictures
• Have fun on the way
• Be a responsible driver and enjoy.

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