Restaurants and Fast Food Takeaways

During this period of partial operations of our restaurants due to Covid19 restrictions, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is advising all Zimbabweans and visitors that restaurants are allowed to serve take-aways and deliveries.  Do not deprive yourselves from enjoying the juicy steaks, large burgers, pizzas, sadza and maguru and many other favourite meals. You can still enjoy all these meals with your loved ones. Buying takeaways from restaurants at this time could save a job.

Here’s a list of some great places where you can grab a bite!!


Pizza Inn                       Shangri-la Restaurant         Vali’s Bakery and Café (Pvt) Ltd                     Cafe Nush

Roco Mama’s                Victoria Twenty Two                Amanzi Restaurant                             Tin Roof Restaurant

Coimbra Restaurant   Queen of Hearts                             Organikks                                       In Da Belly Restaurant

Nando’s                        Pizza Slice                                          Chicken Inn                                     Great Wall Restaurant

Steers                         Alo Alo Restaurant                           Ocean Basket                        Mojo’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Zarah Lounge            Garfunkel’s Grill                           Macadams Food Court                            Café Veldemeers

Food Box                       Mambo’s Chicken                      Eland Restaurant                                       St Elmos Restaurant

Chicken Slice                   KFC                              Chez Zandi Bistro &Wine Bar                    The Three Monkeys Restaurant

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