Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil falls is 4km from the Chimanimani Village. Bridal Veil Falls is located within the boundaries of Chimanimani National Park, the waterfall is famed for its natural beauty. Source :By Steve Van Der Pijll,  Dji phantom recording and edited by David vdpijll. Fees Residents Adults $3.00 Chimanimani National Park P. Bag 2063, Chimanimani

Bvumba Mountains

The Bvumba Mountains or Vumba Mountains straddle the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border are situated some 10 km south east of Mutare. The Bvumba rise to Castle Beacon at 1,911 metres, and are, together with the Chimanimani and Nyanga part of the Eastern Highlands of the Manicaland .The Vumba (or Bvumba) area will surprise you with plenty of […]

Chilojo Cliffs

One of the most prominent and enduring natural features of Gonarezhou National Park is the beautiful Chilojo Cliffs. These magnificent red sandstone cliffs have been formed through eons  of erosion and overlook the scenic Runde River valley. for more information visit

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani Mountains National park is a mountainous area in the province of Manicaland, eastern Zimbabwe.The region is distinguished by large peaks, carved from a rifted quartzite block, the highest reaching to 2,440 m (8,005 ft) and stretching for some 50 km (31 mi)

Chinhoyi Caves

Historically, the first white man believed to have discovered the Caves was Frederick Selous, the famous European hunter, during his wanderings in 1887. It was believed that prior to that the Caves were being used as a stronghold by an outlaw called Nyamakwere who murdered many victims by throwing them into the Silent Pool.

Chiremba Balancing Rocks

The Balancing Rocks are geomorphological features of igneous rocks found in many parts of Zimbabwe, and are particularly noteworthy  in the township of Epworth, to the southeast of Harare.Located 2 km from Harare city centre, Epworth, off the Mutare Rd. Fees Residents Adults $4.00 Children $1.00 Non residents Adults: $ 10.00 Children: $5.00 Off Chiremba […]

Domboshawa Caves

Located about 30 km out of Harare, off the Borrowdale/Domboshawa Rd”, the Domboshava Caves is a must-visit for adults, children, students, artists, photographers and fitness lovers!!! Located in the Chinamora Communal lands, offering a magnificent 360º view of the surrounding countryside, the historical granite hill is a suitable location for a day-trip for recreational picnics, […]

Dulibadzimu Gorge

The Aura of mystique enhances the cultural value attached to this natural feature. Legend has it that the gods and ancestral spirits of the tribe used to dwell there. The Limpopo River seethes and froths in the rain season and shrivels to a shadow of itself in the dry season and so has been life […]

Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens

Located 35km from Harare along the Shamva road from the Chisipite toll gate. Residents Adults $3.00 Non residents Adults: $ 10.00 Camping 5/person/night mail:

Great Dyke

For stunning architecture and scenic viewing, one can take a cruise at the Great Dyke which lies 30km east of the city. Great Dyke has spectacular view of landscapes as the roads cut through the rock with lots of potential for activities such as mountain climbing and gorge avenging if developed

Islands of Kariba

Lake Kariba has several islands both on the Zimbabwean and Zambian side of the border, which make for idyllic getaways, staying at beautiful island lodges or safari camps with vast scenic views of the lake. The islands include 1. Sampa Karuma 2. Fothergill 3. Spurwing 4. Starvation Island 5. Antelope Island 6. Bed Island 7. […]

Matobo Hills

Huge granite masses – seamed, split, shaped and sculptured by time and the elements – form an array of giant whalebacks and castellated kopjes that cover 3000 square kilometers of Matabeleland South Province.Much of the country’s history has been written and played out within the confines of the Matobo Hills – from the time thousands […]

Mount Nyangani

This gigantic mountain stretches up to 2592m in height, its peak is a 1-3 hour climb trekking from any of the 4 base-entry points for anyone of average fitness. One of the things you will find true about it, is the promise of a challenging climb to remember to for mountain hikers and bikers. Mt. […]

Mtarazi Falls

Mtarazi Falls is only 11.5Kkm from Pungwe Falls, it is located in the 2,495 hectare Mutarazi National Park adjacent to the southern border of the Nyanga National Park Fees Residents Adults $5.00 Children $3.00

Ngomakurira Mountain

Visitors who prefer a more strenuous hike than Domboshava need to travel out a little further into the Chinamora Communal Lands to Ngomakurira which is Domboshava’s big brother.Ngomakurira is known to many Harare residents as an area of intense beauty and great spiritual significance. Many of the hilltops and woodland areas have stone altars that […]

Nyamazi Falls

With the pictures of the beautiful Nyanga Mountains as its backdrop, the Nyamazi Falls (Juliasdale, Nyanga) overlooks magnificent 100m waterfalls. Visit and see this beauty for yourself.

Nyangombe Falls

Meet this series of cascading waterfalls on the western tip of the Nyanga National Park, another one of the numerous waterfalls within the terrains of Nyanga. If you can, one of the must-do acts that you will not regret as you reminisce over your experience here is to get a drone-shot while you sit or […]

Vumba Botanical Gardens

Vumba Botanical Gardens is located 32 kilometres from Mutare .The scenery in Vumba is that of high massifs, juxtaposed with lush green natural forests, vast plantations of pine and wattle, perennially flowing rivers, crystal clear upland rivers cascading down-slope and deep ravines

Walking Safari

Guides at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, offer walking safaris that showcase the best of Hwange National Park and its surrounding fenceless concession.“Our guides give guests an intimate bush experience and teach them about the tracking animal footprints, the endemic plants of Hwange National Park

Wild is Life Animal Sanctuary

Wild is life Animal sanctuary 20 minutes out of Harare city centre near Harare International Airport. Wild Is Life is an animal sanctuary and elephant nursery in Zimbabwe. It accepts all kinds of orphaned, sick, injured or vulnerable animals and cares for them in a holistic and dignified way.

Worlds View

World’s View is a spectacular vista on the escarpment of the Nyanga Downs plateau in the Eastern Highlands mountain range, just north of Nyanga, in eastern Zimbabwe. It is situated at an altitude of 2,248 metres (7,375 ft) with a 600 metres (2,000 ft) drop to the plain below on the western side. The viewpoint […]

Zhovhe Dam

It is one of the biggest dams in Zimbabwe, which consumed about 20 million Us dollars for it to be constructed for the irrigation project situated in this area. The irrigation project caters about 2500 hectares of land which is under citrus production for export to Kuwait and benefits more than 5000 household, hence, it […]