National Traditional Meal Cookout 2021!

The First Lady Amai Auxulia Mnangagwa who is the Patron of the National Traditional Meal Cookout shared the objectives of the program:
-Raise awareness & interest in traditional foods,
-Improve food preparation & presentation,
-To share ideas in cooking methods,
-Enhance cooking capacities of, influential women in society so that they share skills & knowledge in their communities,
-Assist practitioners in the hospitality industry to come up with trademark #Zimbabwean dishes & menus.
The program fulfills the 2030 vision to enrich our culture through both tangible & intangible traditions. The program will also embrace the younger generations thereby teaching them our traditional cuisine at a tender age.
                                                                        Honorable N.M. Ndlovu
Minister of the Ministry of Tourism & Hospitality Industry Honorable N.M. Ndlovu shared that The National Traditional Meal Cookout encourages tourism players to adopt traditional cuisine. Zimbabwe’s cuisine opens revenue streams for all in the culinary arts. Diverse foods in all provinces to complement the tourism offering respectively.

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