My Perfect Road Trip Gweru-Binga - 596km

Have you been to #Binga? Road trips are special, they give us the much-needed break from our daily routine and bring us closer to our family members and friends. Today we focus on the Gweru to Binga route. This stretch long stretch can be hot and tiresome so do not forget to pack your sunscreen, sunhats, and light clothing for your stay and most importantly your favourite playlist. Our itinerary will give you a nice head start on planning this road trip
Its always better to start your trip early in the morning.
Stop over at the following:
• Naletale Ruins which has undoubtedly the most magnificent decorated walls amongst all walled monuments to be found throughout Zimbabwe.
• Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe (Bulawayo) for the most fascinating understanding of nature
• The captivating Railway Museum (Bulawayo)
• My beautiful Home Zimbabwe in Matopos is a must-see display of natural art
• Don’t forget to grab something to eat @ The Smokehouse
• The stretch from Bulawayo to Hwange is the beginning of your self-game drive, enjoy!
• Hwange National park lodges are a must-experience, ss you refresh from your long drive
• As you proceed to Binga via Cross Dete the following morning the Tonga museum, crocodile sanctuary, natural hot springs, sand beach and the cultural villages await.

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