My Perfect Road Trip from Harare to Kariba

Travelling along this long stretch can be tiresome but with the best suitable car and playlist, this is one of the exciting road trips for family and friends. Twists, turns, thick woods and game viewing are a characteristic of this trip as you drive from Makuti to Kariba. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, sunhats, and light clothing for your stay. Our itinerary will give you a nice head start on planning this road trip
• Start your journey early morning for the best experience
Stop over on the following:
• Nyabira for sweet potatoes
• Enjoy the scenic views meandering the Great Dyke
• For the successful fishing expedition, Mapinga is the place for worms
• Be among the early adopters by visiting Chinhoyi 7 open museum and tell others about it
• Refresh and cool off at Chinhoyi Caves
• Kore Kore cultural village and its traditional meals and herbs is a detour option
• The biltong at Lion’s Den is a must have snack on this road trip
• The little witch story, hear it in Karoi your halfway through
• Makuti is your beginning of your self-game drive to Kariba

When in Kariba don’t forget to engage on new tourism products which include squad biking, parasailing and canoeing to enhance your experience.

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