My Perfect Road Trip from Harare to Bulawayo

For those who love nature, travelling to Bulawayo is characterised by seeing the landscape change from the greener area around Harare, to the dryer, more savannah-like land around Bulawayo. The beauty of this journey is passing through various towns and cities filled with much history. Start your journey early morning for the best experience

Your Experience on the way:

  • Pahuku/ pa50 just 50km from Harare for best chicken Braai
  • Green O’clock- Selous roundabout for braai
  • For all exotic and indigenous flowers and plants Dodhill Chegutu is the place
  • If you leave before sunrise, enjoy your breakfast at Kadoma Ranch
  • Don’t pass Gweru without interacting with animals at the antelope park and even a Bata shoe company to reminisce on the grasshoppers and bubble gummers

The City of Kings and Queens welcomes!

When in Bulawayo don’t forget your antiques at Makokoba market and Mzilikazi arts and Crafts.

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