Mupande Cultural Village - Beitbridge / Matebeleland South

Located 120km from Beitbridge Town, The Beitbridge cultural Village takes visitors on a historic journey through time of the Venda culture. The village gives an in-depth knowledge of the life of the Venda people. Tourists get to experience Venda cultural activities which include cooking Tshidzimba a venda traditional dish, bead and amulets making, domba, tshikona and Tshigombela dances. Visitors can also get to learn the Venda language.
From the village find time to explore the fishing retreats, boat cruising tours, game viewing, dinosaur fossils, 4 x 4 trails, rock art and paintings around the vicinity.

We encourage all citizens plan for the tour of the Mupande /Beitbridge Cultural Village for an invaluable experience of the Venda Culture.
Entrance is free

Let’s all be responsible travellers. Let’s support our local communities.

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