Masendu Cultural Centre Plumtree- Matebeleland Southm

Located just 60km west of Plumtree town, in Bulilima District, Masendu Cultural Centre is a hub of the Kalanga Culture. Six Kalanga villages which include Chiborama, Thandawani, Mambo, Masendu, Makundi and Ziluma Villages showcases their way of life at the centre. Kalanga crafts are also a centre of attraction exhibited at the Centre. Whilst learning about the day to day life of the Kalanga people, accommodation is available for as little as 30usd in their votels on site. During the month of September tourists can also enjoy the Musendu Cultural Festival held at the centre.
We encourage all citizens to plan now for a visit to the Masendu Cultural Centre and learn more about the Kalanga culture.
Entrance is free.

Let’s all be responsible travellers. Let’s support our local communities.

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