White Water Rafting – Victoria Falls

LocationVictoria Falls
Status Closed nowOpens at 9:00 AM today

I guarantee this will be one of those days that you will remember for the rest of your life and whatever time of year you go you are going to get wet.. very wet.Names of rapids like Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator, The Washing Machine, Judgement Day, Devils Toilet Bowl and Oblivion, give you a small insight of what to expect.

Rafting trips run from both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides and operators on both sides are highly professional.The water level of the Zambezi River is completely dictated by rainfall, and this has a huge impact on the white water rafting season.As every year’s rainfall is different so is every year’s rafting. So the dates given below are guide lines only.In Zimbabwe the low water trips (approx August through to late December) start at Rapid number one which is just below the boiling pot of the Victoria Falls and finish after rapid 19.

The intensity of rafting varies due to the fluctuating levels of water plunging through the gorges. On the whole, lower water levels means higher thrill levels. This is because when the water levels are very high, they flood the rocks and outcrops which are the formation of the rapids. As water levels drop, rocks get closer to the surface and the white water starts to really boil and crash through the gorge.

However when the water level is very high the sheer volume of water makes some rapids unsafe, hence the need for the high water run where the first 10 rapids are left out. As water levels get increasingly higher around about March, the whole river becomes unsafe so the Victoria Falls White Water Rafting is closed until the water levels start to drop again in around June.

White Water Rafting
Full day low water $120
Full day high water $120
Full day + overnight $235