Save Valley Conservancy

Save Valley Conservancy focuses on the preservation of species in danger of extinction such as the black rhino especially the white rhino species and the African wild dog. The conservancy began as a cattle ranch in the 1920s and then in the 1990s the land was divided into 15 units to make up what is now Save Valley Conservancy Park, the main goal being of restoring the ecosystem and protecting the rhino from extinction.

Save Valley Conservancy hosts ‘ The Big Five’ as well as antelope, fish and different reptiles and has about 670 species of bird therefore it is a bird-watchers heaven. Activities offered to visitors are horse-back riding, canoeing safaris, mountain biking and abseiling for the adventure lovers, activities special to them for their guests are African Wild dog den viewing which is recommended as memorable, as well as falconry and rhino tracking.