Osborne Recreational Park


Osborne dam is the largest lake in Manicaland region and is one of the major in land lakes in Zimbabwe .The lake covers about 2600 hectares of land with a carrying capacity of over 400 million cubic metres of water .The lake stretches 16 kilometres up to the Odzi river and 15 kilometres along its Nyatande tributary .The lake is over 6 kilometres wide and 66 metres deep.

The Lake was built from 1991 up to 1993 and was commissioned by his Excellency, the President of Zimbabwe comrade R. Mugabe in 1994.

The area’s climate provides a break from the chilly temperatures in the region with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. It is characterised with a lakeshore breeze blowing westerly and this entails blowing away mosquitoes away from the area hence malaria is rare in this area. Moreover, the wave is a marvel to somebody in the boat.

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