Ngomakurira Mountain


Visitors who prefer a more strenuous hike than Domboshava need to travel out a little further into the Chinamora Communal Lands to Ngomakurira which is Domboshava’s big brother.Ngomakurira is known to many Harare residents as an area of intense beauty and great spiritual significance. Many of the hilltops and woodland areas have stone altars that are used by the Zionist churches as places of worship.

Only thirty minutes by car from the capital, many visitors and tourists walk there amongst these beautiful massive granite outcrops interspersed with indigenous Miombo forest.On the side of the massive orange-coloured vertical rock face of the main mountain, a giant batholith, there is some well-preserved San rock art.Some say that Ngomakurira deserves the status of world heritage site for the combination of great natural beauty and cultural significance it offers.

How to get there :

Leave Harare on the Borrowdale Road, distances are from Borrowdale police station, 13.4 KM the road crosses a grid and enters the Chinamora Communal Lands, 16.3 KM pass the signpost to Domboshava National Monument, 26.6 KM turn-right at the signpost to Ngomakurira National Monument, onto a gravel road, 27.2 KM ford small stream, 27.9 KM turn left towards the hill and at sign post to Ngomakurira National Monument, 28.1 KM reach car park.

Source : ZimFieldGuide