Ngezi Recreational Park


Ngezi Recreational Park is 6 326 hectares in extent of which 573 hectares are occupied by the lake. The recreational area is ideal for boating and fishing amongst a wooded backdrop, which is home to several species of antelope and smaller game.

The Park is subject to highveld climatic conditions, which are generally hot and dry in summer and cold to very cold in winter.

The Recreational Park was constructed in 1945 to supply water to the thermal power station at Munyati. The Ngezi River squeezes through the Great Dyke in a narrow gorge and forms a good natural site for a dam. To the west the wooded rolling hills of the Great Dyke crowd the horizon, along the lake are marshes and rolling plains of Highveld msasa.

If you need a weekend’s break in the country where you can hear the hippos snorting in the lake at night and watch the banded mongoose chasing each other over the rocks by day; or take a drive and spot a shaggy waterbuck ignoring a group of vervet monkeys, then Ngezi might be the place to visit.



  • Fishing is viable through the year, bass, bream and tiger are caught.
  • Boating is a major activity with power boats permitted, beware of the rocks when the water is shallow.
  • Game viewing
  • The vegetation is influenced by the close proximity of the Great Dyke.
  • Highveld with a hot and dry summer and mild cool winter
  • Lodges are very affordable with good views over the lake
  • A variety of birds to watch
  • Tranquil accommodation facilities
  • Archeological site
  • Tales of the sacred hill
  • Nature walks
  • Entertainment
  • Ice cold beverages

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