Nalatale Ruins

CategoryHistorical Site
Status Open now

Situated 85km south east of Gweru is a colossal wall constructed from the masonry highly decorated featuring all the designs of the Zimbabwe architectural tradition, chevrons, herringbone, chequers, cords and ironstone coloured bands. The Nalatale monument is set atop a small kopje that commands good views over the surrounding countryside of the Somabula flats.

The ruins are attributed to the Kalanga Torwa state and are thought to date from the 17th century. Topped by plinths, the complex features the remains of the principal hut of the then Torwa king. Although damaged by early treasure hunters seeking gold, the site remains one of the best preserved and most impressive ancient monuments in Zimbabwe with remedial intervention to conserve the ruins underway.

This jewel is a very attractive and very photogenic structure that has all the makings of our very first own Unesco World heritage site.