Matobo Hills Lodge


Matobo Hills Lodge is situated within a private nature reserve bordering the Matobo National Park and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular granite scenery in the world. The Matobo Hills are renowned not only for their beauty and abundant flora and fauna but also for their unique historical, cultural and spiritual significance.

The granites of Matobo were formed over three thousand million years ago and have been carved by the erosive forces of nature into a remarkable gallery of sculptured rock covering several thousand square kilometres.

In general terms two types of granite hills occur in Matobo. The chaotic jumbles of rocks and balancing boulders or ‘ castle kopjies’ have been created by erosion working along the horizontal and vertical lines of weakness that formed as the ancient granites cooled. The massive ‘ whale backed’ domes or ‘ dwalas’ are the result of spheroidal weathering or ‘onion skin peeling’ that occurs during sudden changes in temperature. All of these forces of erosion act at an excruciatingly slow pace and it has taken nature hundreds of millions of years to create the incredible landscape we see today. Unfortunately she is not yet content with her efforts and her erosive power continues to act upon the surfaces of the rock. Nature will only rest when all the granites are gone and the Matobo becomes a flat, featureless sandy plain. Luckily for us this is going to take several more hundred million years so for now at least, we can continue to enjoy this amazing wilderness in all it’s complexity.

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The Matobo Hills have always inspired within their human inhabitant feelings of awe and reverence and the Hills have long been regarded as a place of great spiritual importance. Some of the largest granite domes are sacred mountains and must not be pointed at for fear of causing disrespect to the spirits that occupy them. A long established system of belief and worship is still associated with Matobo and several ancient rainmaking shrines continue to be used for age-old rituals and ceremonies. Prior to the commencement of each rainy season and it times of drought, people from throughout Zimbabwe and beyond come to the Matobo shrines to pray for rain.

The Matobo Hills are unique in the remarkable range of African images and experiences they provide. We wish you an exciting and memorable encounter with this captivating landscape.

Safari Activities

• Visit the famous painted caves.
• Game drives into the national park.
• Scenic drives and walks.
• Visit the tribal villages.
• Visit the grave of Cecil John Rhodes at “a view of the world”.
• Take early morning walks within the lodge reserve.