Great Zimbabwe Hotel

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Great Zimbabwe Hotel lies within the grounds of the National Museums and Monuments, a World Heritage Site in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. The Great Zimbabwe Hotel is located only 8OOm away from this historic man-made marvelin a relatively remote place, which adds to its mystery and magic.  The hotel is 30km from Masvingo Airport and only 35km from Lake Mtirikwi, an excellent place for boating, fishing and general relaxation. The Great Zimbabwe Hotel offer spacious and comfortable accommodation in 38 rooms – single rooms and double rooms. The Great Enclosure Restaurant serves delicious a la carte and buffet menus. Great Zimbabwe Hotel carries the affectionate atmosphere of the countryside and you will   be immersed in the authentic African myths and charm that have puzzled experts for years.

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Tel: 039262274/2264417

Mobile: +263 0773240566/0772132171

Fax: 039264884