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National Handicrafts Development and Marketing Centre


A Unique collection of Zimbabwe`s Original Crafts. Located in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe

Location: Hanoi, VietnamWebsite:

Neshita Art and Craft


Born in 1960 the owner of this company , was introduced to stone sculpturing by his late brother

Location: Neshita Art and CraftsWebsite: 263 (0) 772940355

Osborne Recreational Park


Osborne dam is the largest lake in Manicaland region and is one of the major in land lakes in

Location: Osborne Dam, ZimbabwePhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627

Sebakwe Recreational Park


Sebakwe Recreational Park is situated in the Midlands of Zimbabwe and is easily accessed by all

Location: Sebakwe Recreational Park Entrance Gate, ZimbabweWebsite: www.zimparks.orgPhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627

Ngezi Recreational Park


Ngezi Recreational Park is 6 326 hectares in extent of which 573 hectares are occupied by the lake.

Location: Ngezi Recreational Park, ZimbabweWebsite: www.zimparks.orgPhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627

Lake Kariba Recreational Park


Kariba Recreational Park is based around the Zambezi River, which was initially dammed so as to

Location: recreation center near Lake Kariba Avenue, Royal Palm Estates, Dolphin Coast, South AfricaWebsite: www.zimparks.orgPhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627

Kyle Recreational Park


Kyle Recreational Park is about 16900 hectares in extent. The water body constitutes about 9300

Location: Lake Kyle Recreational Park, ZimbabwePhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627

Pungwe Falls


The Pungwe Falls flows across the Mozambique border and eventually into the Indian Ocean. The source

Location: Pungwe Falls, Zimbabwe

Bvumba Mountains


The Bvumba Mountains or Vumba Mountains straddle the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border are situated some 10

Location: Bvumba Mountains, Zimbabwe

Ngomakurira Mountain


Visitors who prefer a more strenuous hike than Domboshava need to travel out a little further into

Location: Ngomakurira Mountain, Goromonzi, Zimbabwe