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National Handicrafts Development and Marketing Centre


A Unique collection of Zimbabwe`s Original Crafts. Located in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe

Location: Hanoi, VietnamWebsite:

Africa Travel Tours


Africa Travel Tours is a Tour Operator and Destination Management Company which opened its doors in

Mbano Manor Hotel


The new luxury Mbano Manor boutique hotel at the Victoria Falls opened in late December 2019.

Neshita Art and Craft


Born in 1960 the owner of this company , was introduced to stone sculpturing by his late brother

Location: Neshita Art and CraftsWebsite: 263 (0) 772940355

Osborne Recreational Park


Osborne dam is the largest lake in Manicaland region and is one of the major in land lakes in

Location: Osborne Dam, ZimbabwePhone: +263 242 706077/8 or +263 8677 707627