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Greater Kuduland Safaris


It specialises in rifle and bow hunting of which bow blinds are all permanently set up. The hunting

Location: Greater Kuduland Safaris ZimbabweWebsite:

Mazunga Safaris


Mazunga Safaris hunts out of the Bubye Val-ley Conservancy area which is 850,000 acres and is

Location: Mazunga Safaris, ZimbabweWebsite: www.mazungasafaris.comPhone: +236 292241425

The Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area


It is a wealth of wild life and scenery and its cultural, historical assets has the potential to

Nottingham Estates


Nottingham Estate is a privately owned citrus and eco-tourism estate on the banks of the Limpopo

Location: Nottingham Estate, BeitBridge, Zimbabwe

Dulibadzimu Gorge


The Aura of mystique enhances the cultural value attached to this natural feature. Legend has it

Location: Dulibadzimu Gorge, Beitbridge , Zimbabwe

Limpopo River


It is known as the Crocodile River in the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and flow in semi-circular

Location: Limpopo River, Zimbabwe

Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land


Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land is a protected area in south-western Zimbabwe. It comprises four areas

Location: Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land, Zimbabwe