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Greater Kuduland Safaris


It specialises in rifle and bow hunting of which bow blinds are all permanently set up. The hunting

Location: Greater Kuduland Safaris ZimbabweWebsite:

Mazunga Safaris


Mazunga Safaris hunts out of the Bubye Val-ley Conservancy area which is 850,000 acres and is

Location: Mazunga Safaris, ZimbabweWebsite: www.mazungasafaris.comPhone: +236 292241425

The Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area


It is a wealth of wild life and scenery and its cultural, historical assets has the potential to

Nottingham Estates


Fly camp was built in 1984 as an establishment area where you can view the elephants and other

Location: Nottingham Estate, BeitBridge, Zimbabwe

Dulibadzimu Gorge


The Aura of mystique enhances the cultural value attached to this natural feature. Legend has it

Location: Dulibadzimu Gorge, Beitbridge , Zimbabwe

Limpopo River


It is known as the Crocodile River in the Witwatersrand, South Africa, and flow in semi-circular

Location: Limpopo River, Zimbabwe

Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land


Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land is a protected area in south-western Zimbabwe. It comprises four areas

Location: Thuli Parks and Wildlife Land, Zimbabwe