Let's support our local communities

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is encouraging all Zimbabweans to be responsible travellers as we enjoy Zimbabwe A world of Wonders.

Today our third tip on travelling responsibly is-
As we enjoy travelling around Zimbabwe, let’s buy locally made handcrafts and products in support of our local communities.
• Artifacts at Great Zimbabwe Monuments
• Baobab mats at Chakohwa towards Birchenough Bridge,
• Tomatoes at Macheke
• Gwayi pots as you visit the Victoria Falls
• Doilies, madhoiri – Kariba Heights
• Scrap iron artefacts in Mbare
• Artefacts at Mzilikazi Arts Centre KoBulawayo

Respect livelihoods of local artisans by paying a fair price. Don’t over negotiate, instead a good tip brings a smile.
Supporting communities improving livelihoods.

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