Kore Kore Cultural Village

Located 12km west of Chinhoyi caves along the Alaska Road, Kore Kore Cultural Village is a community initiative of Ward 9 Makonde District. The village is a hub of the Kore Kore culture. A tour of this living village allows you to experience the Kore Kore way of life through participating in activities such as storytelling, traditional dances, traditional cooking methods tour of the village and, nature walks. Learn more on the life changing secrets of the Bikiro, Gota, Nhanga, Hosi, Tsaka, Tsapi and Nhumba. Whilst at Kore Kore also get to visit the pioneer graves of the early settlers and get to know the history related to the nearby Chidzuwi sleeping pool. Other attractions around Chinhoyi include the Chinhoyi caves and the Seven Heroes Open Museum.

Admission at Kore Kore Cultural Village is 2USD for adults and 1USD for kids.

For bookings contact: Chairman Nyahwa on 00263 77 344 9901

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