Kamungoma Liberation War Memorial Site

Situated 30km from Gutu Growth point, Kamungoma is one of the Liberation heritages sites in Zimbabwe. Spanning over seven hectares of land, the memorial site evokes memories of the struggle for independence and the brutality that was unleashed on Blacks by the colonial regime. It is at this site where 104 civilians and 1 freedom fighter died on the spot during a pungwe gathering on 14 May 1978. Panels with information on what actually transpired at Kamungoma are a feature at this site.
When travel resumes, we encourage all Zimbabweans travelling through having road trips through Gutu to take time to tour the Kamungoma Memorial site to understand the history of the Liberation of Zimbabwe. Admission is currently free.
Let’s all be responsible travellers. Let’s respect our fallen heroes and heroines.

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