Kambako Living Museum of Bushcraft – Chiredzi Masvingo

Situated only 30 km from Chiredzi town Kambako Living Museum of Bushcraft is a community initiative aimed at preserving the past to enrich the future. The living museum showcases the bush craft skills that have enabled the local Shangaan people to sustain themselves in their natural environment for centuries. A tour of the living museum takes you on a historic journey through time. Visitors learn more about the Shangaan people’s intimate knowledge of their natural resources and in-depth understanding of animal behaviour, which made it possible for them to survive as hunter-gatherers until the recent past. A fascinating hands-on presentation shows how they made fire, gathered food, weaved baskets, and trapped and hunted animals.

We encourage all citizens to plan now for a tour of the Kambako Living Museum of Bushcraft for an invaluable experience of traditional bushcraft skills.

Let’s all be responsible travellers. Let’s support our local communities.

For further enquiries you can also call on 263 779 212 289

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