Eastern Highlands a Hiker's paradise!

The Chimanimani Mountains, a series of Fold Mountains bordering the Zimbabwe – Mozambique border post, are arguably the most beautiful part of Zimbabwe. Perhaps the toughest hike in Zimbabwe too! You would never really know until you try and  experience it!

Chimanimani Mountains

Chimanimani Mountain ranges cannot be fully explored in one trip. Even a 5-day trip because even that length of time did not begin to scratch the surface of the beauty of the mountain range. There are so many trails that can be done and countless mountain peaks to be conquered.


Mount Nyangani

Mount Nyangani is the highest peak in Zimbabwe, but it is a gentle and friendlier slope by far as compared to the Chimanimani Mountains. Anyone without prior hiking experience can take on Mt Nyangani. The uphill climb and the tough terrain of Chimanimani Mountains is quite an experience to see the beauty that lies within. Chimanimani is tough, challenging, unpredictable, and humbling. And yet, remarkably magnificent.

Preparation for the Hike 

Like any hike, preparation is imperative. Physical, mental and emotional preparation and for some of us spiritual as well. Physically, fitness cannot be compromised. Blisters and aching muscles are inevitable however, adequate preparation helps in easing the pain. Note…easing…not eliminating.

  1. Pre-training exercises
  2. Practice Hike

Let’s Take a Hike with Mazwi ! ..She tells us the story of her hiking experience in Chimanimani click link below.



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