Zimbabwe Tourism Covid 19 Update

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Create Date September 15, 2020
Last Updated April 9, 2021

Zimbabwe Tourism Covid 19 Update


Zimbabwe has relaxed lockdown measures allowing the country’s tourism sector to resume full operations. These include but are not limited to: game drives, bungee jumping, zip liners, helicopter rides, lion walks, elephant rides, boat operations on our lakes both for tourism and fishing (and other tourism related activities) and all registered tourism activities.  The resumption of the sector is guided by strict adherence to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid-19 health and safety protocols as well as guidelines set by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Food establishments that include restaurants and take-aways are open for delivery and collection of food. Sit-down meals are allowed with strict following of social distancing measures and other health and safety guidelines. All restaurants registered to sell liquor are only permitted to sell liquor for takeout during their authorized operating hours within the period 0600hrs to 2000hrs.

Conferences and meetings remain at less than 50 people unless the gathering is through electronic platforms.

Air Travel

With effect from 10 September and 01 October 2020 respectively, the country’s skies have been opened to both domestic and international flights respectively. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been put in place for the reopening of international and domestic airports. The National Guidelines for Aviation Safety and Security have been set to ensure the safety of both the travellers and airport staff. These are additional to temperature testing, social distancing, sanitization, and mandatory wearing of masks. All travellers will be required to have a PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate issued by a recognized facility within 48 hours from the date of departure, in line with WHO guidelines.


All passengers shall:

  • wear masks except when eating
  • always disinfect toilet facilities after use
  • regularly hand sanitize themselves during flights
  • restrict movements while on board
  • cover mouth when sneezing
  • report to cabin crew or airport staff any COVID 19 related symptoms and
  • practice high level hygiene


As Zimbabwe, we are assertive that once the COVID-19 health and safety protocols are observed, the travel and tourism sector will effectively carry out its operations.




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