Chimanimani Outdoor Center Officially Opens

Despite the devastating effects of cyclone Idai , residents of Chimanimani were all smiles at the official opening of the Chimanimani Outdoor Center yesterday , 15th of December 2019. They were excited to have something that could be a ray of light in their gloomy lives. Chimanimani Outdoor center will positively impact community growth it will provide employement , recreational and  physcosocial support to cyclone Idai survivors.

There is no easy way to easily describe a Chimanimani  outdoor center course, as the experience is unique to everyone who attends. This can make Chimanimani outdoor center courses seem a little mysterious. Without boundaries and expectations, participants are able to “live in the moment” and take each adventure as it comes – providing a richer outcome for participants.Chimanimani Outdoor Center helps you reach your full potential through challenge in the outdoors. Our classrooms are the mountains, bush and waterways of the beautiful corner of Zimbabwe.

They are specialists in outdoor experiential learning and leadership courses. Specialized courses and programs are known for interpersonal relationship skills development, leadership development and environmental consciousness. Having been quite successful in unifying teams and notably in unlocking teams potential in a challenging and safe environment. Chimanimani Outdoor Center serves people of all ages, cultures, abilities and backgrounds.The experience of trying new things and being challenged builds confidence, resilience and helps develop new skills and behaviors. Research has shown that this has a positive and lasting effect on the lives of participants.


Team building courses for schools, universities, and churches are a hugely important part of the development of young people in Zimbabwe. Our specialized team building courses encourage students to work together, developing skills including communication, planning, and working as part of a team. Not only do these skills benefit young people during their student years, but they also transfer well into life after education too – both in personal and professional settings.


Why corporate team building?
1. Facilitates better communication.
2. Motivates employees.
3. Promotes creativity.
4. Develops problem-solving skills.
5. Breaks the barrier.

Family Team Building

These courses are for families to come together to strengthen their relationships through activities that can be done as a family. At Chimanimani Outdoor Center we believe in the importance of family, and that home is where the heart is. With them by your side, and supporting you through challenging times, Chimanimani Outdoor Center believes in creating the perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your family.

Major activities included in the course programs

Abseiling :  is a basic climbing technique to allow safe descent of steep rock sections. Abseiling is generally regarded as a low risk adventure sport. Chimanimani Outdoor Center only use qualified and experienced instructors and your safety is guaranteed.

Rock Climbing : No climber is a stranger at overcoming challenges, and for many rock climbing is about much more than getting a good workout and releasing stress. From a mental standpoint, climbing is an amazing teacher, instilling focus, balance, and determination.

All Chimanimani Outdoor Center courses are designed on these principles:

· Learning through Experience
Learn by doing! Learn more about yourself and others from challenge, success and failure, self-reflection and feedback. All activities are designed to promote learning that can be transferred to home and work.

· Adventure and Challenge
Our courses are based on real adventure. You will have experiences that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. We will push your limits and help you conquer your fears!

· Physical Activities in the Outdoors
All activities involve situations where there are real consequences. Our highly skilled instructors deliver our courses, which will include activities such as High Ropes, Rock Climbing, Solo Experience, and Physical Training. You don’t need previous outdoors experience to participate.

· Safe and Supportive Environment
Clearly maintained boundaries ensure physical and emotional safety. Supportive relationships and culture.


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