Bindura Eagle Mountain

Some have experienced nights with the angels ministering at the Eagle prayer mountain in Bindura, some the anointing of the Holy Spirit…and some the good feeling of being in God’s company the whole time they are there. It is more advised to visit these prayer places during Eater holidays or in a prayerful mood and clear mind and heart ready to feast on the spiritual.

The good thing about these prayer places is that you can visit them anytime you want or when you feel like you need time alone with the Lord in a holy environment.

After ministering to your spirit you deserve a treat that awaits you and your family in this peaceful getaway spot in Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp. Home to a diverse variety of wildlife, bird, plant and tree species. The river is teeming with all the fish species you like to catch and the activities available include nature walks, mountain bike riding and canoeing, among others.

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