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Harare (/həˈrɑreɪ/; officially called Salisbury until 1982) is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is the country's seat of government and largest city, with an estimated population of 1,606,000 (2009), with 2,800,000 in its metropolitan area (2006).


Masvingo (before 1982 known as Fort Victoria) is a town in south-eastern Zimbabwe and the capital of Masvingo Province. The town is close to Great


Mutare is the third largest city in Zimbabwe, with an urban population of around 188,243 and rural population of around 260,567. It is the capital of Manicaland province.


Kwekwe (/ˈkweɪkweɪ/ KWAY-kway) (known until 1983 as Que Que, is a city in central Zimbabwe. It is located in Kwekwe District, in Midlands

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