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Majiri Monument

Majiri is a Zimbabwe type-site. It was declared a National Monument in 1971. The site is located in Masvingo District in chief Murinye’s area under Headman Chatikobo some 50km south east of Great Zimbabwe National

Utopia House, Historic Building

‘Utopia’ House was the home of Rhys and Rosalie Fairbridge. Rhys Fairbridge arrived in Manicaland in the early 1890’s. He worked as a government surveyor and was responsible for surveying the present town of

Settler Tree, Memorial

A tree, indicated by a near by inscribed plaque, commonly known as the ‘Settler Tree’ (Rauvolfia sp.), planted by his Royal Highness Don Luize Filipe, Duke of Brag Anza and the Crown Prince of Portugal, to

Cross Kopje, Memorial

A memorial built in memory of 269 Africans from Rhodesia, Nyasaland, and the Portuguese East Africa who had lost their lives in the German East African Campaign. The memorial took the form of a massive Cross

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