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Matendera Monument

This is an extensive, impressive and spectacular Zimbabwe style enclosure located on an extensive low lying dwala in Buhera South, 50km south-south of Murambinda Growth Point. The site is famous for its

Nyahokwe Monument

The monument at present has religious activities undertaken by the local Nyahokwe clan before every rain season. The Nyahokwe community performs these religious ceremonies but do not claim to have built the

Nyanga Estate Monument

There are rebuilt pit structures, Nyangwe and Chawomera forts. The landscape is connected to the Nyanga agricultural complex. The reconstructed pit structures are representative of the Nyanga upland tradition on the Nyanga plateau.

Ziwa Monument,Nyanga

The archaeological property on the estate consists of terraces, enclosures, pit enclosures, hill forts, and passages smelting furnaces, grinding places, clearance cairn and other important remains. Terraces and enclosures

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