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Italian Chapel

The Chapel located 4km east of Masvingo along the Masvingo-Mutare highway, was built by Second World War Italian prisoners captured by the British and kept at the 5th Camp Extension of Fort Victoria. They built the

Chibvumani Monument

Chibvumani monument is a dry stone structure site that was declared a National Monument in 1966. It is located in Bikita East District off the Masvingo-Mutare highway approximately 35km from Nyika Growth point on a

Musimbira Monument

Musimbira is a small stone ruin on the northern edge of Bikita, 1km south of Glen Clova village that lies along the Mutare-Masvingo highway (61km from Masvingo), near Bikita Minerals. The monument occupy about 60m

Dengeni cave

Dengeni is a rock art site that is located in the Ndanga district in Southern Zimbabwe. The site is located in the communal area of Zaka on the slopes of Dengeni Hills some 10km from Ndanga Hospital.

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