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Rock Art

Rock Art is one of the most significant and informative sources used by historians and archaeologists. Archaeologists use Rock Art to determine the socio-economic and political activities of past societies. It is until you


A very exciting Wedding Cake Structure still remains. Oral history has it that this centre was once the residence of a Rozvi spirit medium known as Zinjanja. Some people also claim that area was renowned for its breed


Despite Natalatele’s aerial extent, is architecturally the most satisfying of all the monuments not only in the region but in the entire country. This ruin decorated with five different patterns i.e. the chevron, check,

Manyanga/Ntabazikamambo National Monument.

The Rozvi rulers resided at Danan’mombe and nearby Zimbabwes of Naletale, Zinjanja/Regina, Manyanga/Ntabazikamambo from the 1680’s to the 1830’s. The Rozvi dominated the region until the Nguni invasions of the 1830’s.

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