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Zimbabwe Colour Run

The Zimbabwe Colour Run is an event that will make you smile to the bottom of your soul (pun totally intended)! It is not about the time of your run but is more about having a blast and giving something back.This year the charities that are going

Samba Queens for Harare Carnival

THIS year’s Harare International Carnival will be a show not to miss if word from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) that the Brazilian Samba queens will grace the event which runs from May 16 to 25 is anything to go by.

'Street party’ at Harare Carnival

Ever imagined yourself happy, partying and drinking on the streets of Harare without fearing the city authorities? This will come to reality next month when the Harare International Carnival comes to life as people will,

Harare Carnival preps hot up

Preparations for the Harare International Carnival have gathered momentum with various stakeholders coming together to launch a clean-up campaign ahead of the prestigious event which roars to life next month.


A’Sambeni means “Let’s Travel” in the Zulu/Ndebele language. It is an invitation to set off on a leisurely mission together – an offer of sunshine, good companionship, and adventure. Serving Exhibitors: African Tour,

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