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Bunjee Jumping

Bunjee Jumping -Victoria Falls

For the ultimate experience, bungee jump off the Victoria Falls bridge into the Bakota Gorge. Four exhilarating seconds of freefall reaching up to speeds of 120km/h.

The most common jump is to be tied at the ankles and you dive heard first into the Bakota Gorge 111m meters below the bridge, this type is recommended if this is your first time. There are other options if you want that bigger and better adrenaline rush. If you are not brave enough to do this alone, you can always try to convince a buddy to leap with you and do the tandem jump. First timers normally do a standard head first dive, but the more experienced try all sorts of flips, backflips and inward tucks etc

Getting Ready to Jump
With your ankles snugly strapped together with various tight straps and old towels as you was given a safety briefing. Before you know it, Its shuffling off to the platform of no return. With your toes peeking out over the ledge its hard not to stare down at the rocky gorge below and think "what the hell am I doing here?". Luckily it will have been explained that if you did not leap out as far as possible with your arms outstretched like a bird of prey, you would spin like a corkscrew on the way down.

Before you jump, you are given very sound information on the knots that are tied and basic safety features of the elastic and various ropes and carbines strapped on your body. It's all about ego at this point. When you're on the little platform, 111 meters down looks like an awfully long way.

The Jump
The safety man stood behind behind me, I heard him shout "5-4-3-2-1 Bungee!!!" And off I launched, diving for the horizon, thinking I would soar like wonder woman. Alas, the instructor was right and I fell fast like a giant stone. The free-fall did not last as long as I thought it would, I imagined brushing the warm Zambezi waters with my finger tips with a dramatic flourish, but only the pros get to do that. Well before I hit the water, I got yanked back up rather unceremoniously by my stretched, (and frayed) elastic. I continued bouncing up and then falling down a number of times. On the video I actually look like I am trying to be graceful, but in reality I was trying desperately to get my head back up in its natural position. By the time I spotted my grinning lift up, suspended from his own line half way down into the gorge, my eyes were on maximum bulge capacity, and I felt somewhat nauseous.

After the Jump
Once I'd stopped bouncing, the safety guy attached a safety line to me and spun me back up to a more natural position, i.e. with my head above my ankles. My "operator" was a smooth operator and regaled me with some of the latest pop hits as we slowly winched up to the catwalk under the bridge. Once on solid ground, but still with some mighty sheer drops on either side, I was left to walk along the catwalk to the end of the bridge, with a safety rope attached. It's a nice walk if you don't fear heights, and I was grateful enough to settle my stomach and get some blood out of my brain and circulating back through my toes.
I have to say, it was really worth jumping, more for the feeling of elation after the jump, than the actual jump. It all goes by quite quickly, and let's face it, hanging upside down by your ankles is never going to be very comfortable. I highly recommend you get the video to be able to re-live the experience and show off to your friends and family. In the end it's more of an attention-seeking pastime than an act of bravery!

Pre booked and paid bungee jumpers are entitled to a full refund up until they sign the indemnity form on the bridge and start to strap up, you are then past the point of no return.

As this activity is done on Victoria Falls Bridge in between Zimbabwe and Zambia your passport is required.