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Pasichigare Heritage Preservation Centre – Domboshava

Discover Domboshava with PASICHIGARE LEISURE AND HERITAGE TOURS . Domboshava is a land of giant imposing granite side rocks ,deep mystic valleys in some places that are serene and magnificently tranquil , patched with verdant vegetation which is home to birds baboons ,monkeys, Guinea fowls. It is a land of mystery , a land of unique of unique rock art. In short it is a land that offers absolute outdoor liberation the best in Harare. It will only take you less than an hour s’ drive from Harare and you wont regret it .Three important sites await you 1. PASICHIGARE HERITAGE PRESERVATION CENTER, 2. NGOMAKURIRA NATIONAL MONUMENT, 3. DOMBOSHAVA HILL AND CAVE MONUMENT. If you let us take care of your tour ,you will know all there us to know about Domboshava.

For more information contact Tendai on +263 718 176 843 or +263 775 453 941, Email :pasichigareheritagetours@gmail.com