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Mtarazi Falls

Mutasa - 20 Apr
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Until 2002, the Mutarazi Falls was thought to be the fifth highest waterfall in the world. In 2002 the Gocta Cataracts waterfall was discovered pushing the Mutarazi Falls to 6th position for the highest waterfall in the world. The longer of the two tiers drops for over 479 m and even though the waterfall may be the second highest in Africa, it is also one of the narrowest measuring only 15 m in width.

The Mutarazi Falls is located in a National Park on the southern border of the Nyanga National Park in Zimbabwe. The Mutarazi Falls is also the first area to be declared a national park as well as a country and the park is administrated jointly with the Nyanga National Park.

The Nyanga National Park near the Mutarazi Falls contains an area rich with safari animals and diversity. The area surrounding these Zimbabwean falls is a forest region characterised by open plains with an abundance of bushes and shrubs. In the surrounding areas of the Mutarazi Falls you can find buffalos, lions, kudus, reedbucks, klipspringers, antelopes, predators, leopards and hyenas. The wildlife conservationists love this area because this Zimbabwe region boasts a high population of the blue duiker and samango monkeys – neither animal is found outside the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

Visiting the Mutarazi Falls is great all year round with the weather being pleasant in all of the seasons. The summer temperatures are actually cooler than the rest of Zimbabwe because the Mutarazi Falls rest on a much higher and elevated ground than its surrounding areas. The summer season is also the rainy season in Zimbabwe which makes the Mutarazi Falls even more magnificent with the increased water fall. The winter season is cooler with temperatures falling to between 12ºC and 24ºC (night time the temperatures fall below freezing) whereas the summer months temperatures can reach into the high 30ºC.