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Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve

Khami - 24 Apr
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General Information About Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve

The 950 ha Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve is situated on the slopes of Mount Selinda ,32 km South out of Chipinge, that’s about 120 km out of Chiredzi and is administered by the Forestry Commission. The reserve is situated at between 900 and 1,200 metres in altitude, and receives some 1,370 mm -to 1,466 mm worth of annual rainfall. 606 ha of its higher levels (above 1,076 metres) is covered by moist evergreen forest, specifically Zanzibar-Inhambane transitional rain forest thus representing the southernmost occurrence. The headwaters of three streams, namely the Zona, Chinyika and Musangazi, drain the two broad highlands which it encloses. The boundaries of the reserve are not strictly enforced, so that cattle grazing and plant harvesting are ongoing. The reserve is surrounded by communal settlements, commercial timber plantations (eucalypts and pines) and small-scale commercial farming units. The name Chirinda means “lookout” and in the Ndau dialect (sub-dialect of the Shona Language) or perhaps “place of refuge”.The medium altitude forest is likely the southernmost patch of subtropical rainforest in Africa. Phytogeographically it is classed as Afromontane forest, but with lowland and Guineo-Congolian elements. It is situated on two hill tops on dolerite-derived soils. The forest in home to the following

• Flora and Fauna
• Mammals (Samango Monkeys,squirrel, Selinda veld rat, waxbill)
• Birds (eagles,owls,guinea fowl, robins)
• Reptiles (pythons, cobras, vipers, mambas, adders, chameleons, geckos,)
• Amphibians
• Insects
and most species of the above categories are found in the tropical forest