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The Big Tree – Chirinda Forest

Khami - 21 Mar
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General Information About The Big Tree

The big tree is one of the largest Red mahogany tree in southern Africa and the tallest native tree in Zimbabwe. It has a remarkable height of about 65m and and has a trunk diameter of about 4,5m at the base. Situated at the southern part of the 950 ha Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve at a place called the Valley of Giants, The big tree is estimated to be more than 1,000 years old (some estimate 2,000 years). Chirinda Forest is at Mount Selinda about 32km east of Chipinge town in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province. The area is popular for its tea and coffee plantations. The big tree is facing challenges of re-growth after its tip was once struck by lightning. Also tourists were inscripting their names on its trunk posing so much danger on its bark development.