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Tourism Trends & Statistics

2007 Tourism Trends and Statistics

2007 has been a very significant year in terms of marketing our country. The tourism sector has been on the rise even in this challenging economic environment .This was mainly due to the marketing aggression that the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority employed. The ZTA received a lot of support from government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe with additional funding and foreign currency which made it possible to achieve all the major goals for 2007. The market share for the overseas market remained constant at 9% in 2007 as compared to 9% in 2006.Europe contributed significantly to the overseas market arrivals in 2007.It is interesting to note that Europe contributed 50% of the overseas market which is an increase of 2% compared to 48% in 2006.Europe is followed by Asia and America with 19%. This indicates that the overseas market is becoming increasingly differential and diverse because of the emerging markets like Asia. This is good for Zimbabwe which can no longer afford to continue relying on traditional markets.