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Samba Night at Airport Lounge

TWELVE Brazilian Samba dancers will join popular Zimbabwean pole dancers Beverly Sibanda and Zoey during the Carnival Samba Night set for Airport Lounge on 23 May. Zimbabweans will thus finally get a chance to see the famous Brazilian

Samba dancers when they visit the country for the Harare International Carnival.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority said the Brazilians who could not come last year have given their word that they are coming. Trinidad and Tobago have also insisted on coming to this year’s event. Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) spokesperson Sugar Chagonda said the dancers would perform at the Airport Lounge at an evening coordinated by Biggie Chinoperekwei, the 2013 Arts Promoter of the Year.  “We are moving away from a discourse where ZTA has to do everything and getting into a new era where as a government arm our role is to make the environment conducive.

“A carnival is for the people so it makes sense for us to give support to promoters and other individuals with concepts to develop them for the carnival,” said Chagonda. Brazilian Samba queens will be one of the main highlights because of their costumes. The showstoppers – who are popular for their sexually suggestive dance – are usually clad in nothing more than feathers and paint only covering their essential body parts. Chinoperekwei said they were delighted to host the Carnival Samba Night as it was everyone’s dream to attend one.

“Samba nights are everyone’s dream and for most Zimbabweans, the samba dance is synonymous with the Brazilians and it is a plus that the South American nationals are coming to participate in the Harare carnival,” said Chinoperekwei. He said while the visiting Brazilians are the main highlight, they have a number of surprises picked from the local showbiz circuit. “We have our own dancers Bev and Zoey who will also be showcasing their skills at the dance floor. It will be a night to remember,” said Chinoperekwei.

Chinoperekwei urged Zimbabweans to come out and grace the Carnival Samba Night so that they be merry and freely express their cultural beliefs and traditional norms. “It is time for once when Zimbabweans can go crazy and wears our local traditional nembes and truly show who we really are.

“In other countries world-wide carnivals are spectacularly dominated by intruding outfits and costumes of different colours, make and sizes.” He said the Carnival brings about our other natural side, our happy side which rarely comes out as people get busy searching for the elusive dollar to feed the family. Last year, pole dancer Bev and her dancing girls proved to be a hit when they joined the carnival street parade. “This is an example of how such a platform can market and publicise artists taking part. With thousands of people expected to parade along the procession streets, the Carnival also affords crowds a rare opportunity to be near their celebrities.”

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