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Harare International Carnival promises excitement

The renamed Harare International Carnival (HIC) will roar into life from 16 to 25 May. The event will see great improvements from last year, says the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), who run the carnival. Now in its second year, the carnival,

which started out as Zimbabwe International Carnival, will see an increase in the number of participants and events. Karikoga Kaseke, CEO of ZTA said the country will host 23 countries, up from the 16 who participated last year.

“This year we are hosting 23 countries…and that is encouraging. Some of the countries that are participating like Trinidad & Tobago actually contacted us and expressed interest without any effort on our part. The countries that are participating include South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Malawi, China, Angola, Ethiopia, and Egypt. Newcomers who have confirmed their participation are Brazil, DRC, Tanzania, UK, Kenya, Sweden and Cuba,” he said.

Kaseke said there will be a number of events lined up to entertain revellers and the Samba night that was cancelled last year will be on this time around. The event was meant to be the main draw card but was cancelled because its showstoppers had been invited to participate at the World Cup in Brazil. Samba is performed by dancers clad in nothing more than painted feathers covering the essential body parts.

“This year we are definitely going to have the Samba night…last year we had it on our program but had to be cancelled. Apart from that we will have bira night, exotic night (Caribbean), jazz night and gospel night. Bira, exotic, dancehall and gospel are the additions from last year,” said Kaseke.

Kaseke announced the climax of the Carnival as the street party with a musical concert to cap it off.  “People from all walks of life will march in the streets in a procession, partying and dancing. Alcohol will be allowed on that day, normally it’s a fineable offence [to drink in public]. And we will have a musical concert on the same night with a number of musicians from different genres,” he said.

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