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Bridge Tour -Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour is an alternative bridge activity, available to those visitors who don’t quite have the nerve (or stomach) to jump off the famous bridge. The activity, organised by Shearwater Victoria Falls, has become a popular

alternative to the bungi, bridge swing or slide but is also becoming a “must see” for those adrenalin junkies wanting to know more about the bridge they’re jumping off.

Guests are taken on a journey, as an actor playing the part of Georges Imbault (chief construction engineer of the bridge) gives a history of the bridge and explains how it came to be the magnificent structure is today. Participants discover Cecil John Rhodes plans for his Cape to Cairo Railway, learn how the bridge was constructed and understand how and why a full locomotive was transported across the gorge before the actual completion of the bridge.

After the historical introduction, guests are strapped into harnesses and taken under the remarkable piece of engineering to enjoy a walking tour of the bridge, while taking in spectacular views of the Falls and the Batoka Gorge below. Why walk over the bridge when you can walk under it? Tour guide “Georges Imbault” will elaborate on the construction while at the same time describing the surroundings and points of interesting around the bridge. All the while the highly trained and experienced guides will ensure a safe and informative 2½ hours on and around the bridge.

To learn more about the one hundred years of Victorian Engineering, a book entitled “Sun, Steel & Spray: A history of the Victoria Falls Bridge” written by Peter Roberts, was published this year and is now available to purchase.

So why not try a bridge activity with a difference and take part in one of Shearwater Victoria Falls' Bridge Tours. Come away having learnt more about this magnificent bridge that has become an icon of grandeur throughout the world.

on half day rides only. If you are doing a multiday ride or booking any ride in advance, you must bring your own. It’s safer.