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Harare International Carnival

The Harare International Carnival is a week long annual festival that encompasses a series of events and festivities. It is aimed at advancing the arts, culture and heritage of Zimbabwe as well as uniting the populace. It is all about celebrating

diversity, getting communities together, getting to know one another, in the love and harmony that builds our country into a peaceful and promising place for everyone. Zimbabwe as a country boasts of the rich cultural traditional events which celebrate the seven wonders of the country in activity, jubilation and color.

Objectives of the HIC

• To hold a mega carnival annually
• To increase brand visibility and showcase  Zimbabwe as a tourism destination of choice
• To present and preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Zimbabwe
• To promote the development of cultural industries and transforming carnival into a viable economical enterprise
• To promote social cohesion

Outcome of the inaugural edition

• The Carnival inaugural edition was a resounding success surpassing expectations
•  attracted close to a million people
•  15 countries managed to join the nation of Zimbabwe in celebration of this spectacle.
•  Over 10 000 adults and young beautifully costumed carnival participants paraded and danced the 4 km route from African Unity Square to Glamis Arena through Jason Moyo


• The masqueraders were drawn from all corners of Zimbabwe and the world at large.
• It was generally adjudged as one of the best festivals in the country.
• Her Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Joyce Mujuru declared that Harare will soon become the destination of choice.

Future of HIC

• It will become a viable economic enterprise for the nation
• Employment creation through float and costume production
• Establishment of money generating streams production and sale of carnival merchandise thereby improving the livelihood of the people
• Increase in tourist arrivals leading to high expenditure
• Fosters empowerment