The Bushtracks Express and the Royal Livingstone Express are two luxurious steam trains that ply the Victoria Falls Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe, serving a fine-dining experience along the way.

The Royal Livingstone Express leaves from the Bushtracks Station in Livingstone, whereas the Bushtracks Express pulls out from the Victoria Falls Station. Both travel the bridge at sunset to capture the cascading Falls in a cloud of mist backed by a golden sky.

The Bushtracks Express journeys to the Jafuta conservancy siding in Zimbabwe, while the Royal Livingstone Express transports guests to the Palm Grove siding in Zambia.

The Royal Livingstone Express standard run takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and from March 5 there will be an addition run on Mondays. The Bushtracks Express standard run takes place on Tuesday and Fridays. For groups of 30 passengers and more, arrangements can be made for either service on a non-scheduled day.  Service includes hotel pick up and drop off.