25 August Carnival Bira Domboshava Chief’s Council / ZTA

Friday 1 – 6 September

HIC Happy Week (Block Parties) Harare Harare City Council, ZTA and Promoters
Friday 1 September 2017 Carnival Trivia Night China Gardens Megavision Events
Saturday 2 September 2017 Carnival Bush Party Ruwa Country Club NRZ
Saturday 2 September 2017 Carnival Cultural Show and Costume Parade Longcheng Plaza Longcheng International International Trade and Commerce Pvt LTD
Sunday 3 September 2017 Zim Car Culture Festival Belgravia Sports Club ZimToque
Tue 5 September 2017 HIC Final Press Conference Longcheng ZTA
Wed 6 September 2017 HIC Stand Up Comedy TBA Doc Vhikela
Wed 6 September 2017 Rumba Night Longcheng ZTA and DRC
Thursday 7 September 2017 HIC Welcome Reception


Rainbow Towers ZTA
Friday 7 September 2017 HIC Partner Country Day Harare Gardens ZTA
Friday 8 September 2017 HIC Zimdancehall Fiesta Harare Gardens Knock-Out Promotions
Friday 8 September 2017 Samba Night Rainbow Towers ZTA AND Divine Assignments
Saturday 9 September 2017 Junior & Senior Carnival Street Parade and Party CBD ZTA & Harare City Council
Saturday 9 September 2017 Carnival Music Concert Civic Grounds ZTA